Helping Others

Try to find a way to approach your passion without trying to become accomplished. If you are trying to help others, you are likely to be frustrated. The truth is, everyone has millions of thoughts going through their head all the time. How could you possibly have any control of their thoughts?

Totally Frustrated?

Stop immediately and realize what’s going on… the dramatizer is picking up speed as long you are acknowledging its messages. That is the actual food for that particular body of energy. Follow it, and it will inflate. Watch it, and it will deflate.

Griff & Tom Hanks

It’s not every day that a person is fortunate enough to be featured next to Tom Hanks, but thanks to a book review from the online magazine, blogcritics, Griff was! Click here to read the review. Check it out!


Griff’s Speaking Engagements

Below are a few of Griff’s Speaking Engagements: Lions Club — Overland Park, KS Memoir Writers Group — Prairie Village, KS KC Professional — Kansas City, MO Business Network International — Kansas City, MO Are you interested in hearing Griff speak or do you have a group that you think would benefit from one of…