Let’s start with a meet and greet.

In 15 minutes we can learn a bit about each other: you can tell me about your life, and I can tell you, specifically, how I overcame depression and have now lived joyfully for more than 14 years.

Some people only need that short time—15-30 minutes—with me to change their lives, because they’re able to immediately and consistently implement the information I provide.  Most people find they need some help along the way, however, and want to know how to work with me longer. We can talk about that when we connect.

I’m not opposed to a quick call, email, or face to face if you’re in the Kansas City metro area. We can also meet via Skype. Click here to contact me for your meet & greet!

If you already know that you’d like more time at the outset, I’m happy to schedule a 25-minute or 50-minute session. There’s a charge for this option. If we continue our work together past this initial meeting, part of this fee will be applied to future fees (and we’ll talk about that after we get to know each other better); if we don’t continue our work, the fee covers my time and the expertise I’ll share when we chat.