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If you remember only one thing from meeting me or by reading about me here on my website, I want it to be this: you don’t have to be stuck in depression or moodiness. You don’t have to be stressed or worried. You have the power to change your own reality, without medication.

I know this to be true, because I’ve done it. I was clinically depressed and stuck. I wished for a better life but felt stuck in the negativity of my own thoughts. I wondered how a successful businessman such as myself, someone who was driven and entrepreneurial and hardworking, could feel so low, so uninspired, so alone.

After years of research, I learned how to think my way to happiness and I wrote a book, Find Peace, One POP at a Time, sharing my keys to conquering depression and living a joy-filled life. But the book is just the first step in my mission of sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve found so much satisfaction—and yes, joy—in speaking with others and teaching them how to turn their lives around. I’ve been honored when people reach out and tell me they’ve been inspired by our talks, and appreciate my knowledge and straight forward style. Hopefully they enjoy my passion and my willingness to be vulnerable, open, and transparent.

No group is too large or too small. I know—with every fiber of my being—that everyone can benefit from my experience and I know, with even more certainty, that the people who most need to know there’s a way out of their depression are the very people too scared, too timid, too embarrassed to speak up for themselves.

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