Thoughts are Conditioned

The reason a sense of insecurity occasionally exists within me is this: At any moment of interaction with another, there is need to “think.” Interaction takes place. Thoughts come first, then feelings, then reactions. Thoughts are conditioned from the egoic mind. The ego wants to defend and divide; therefore, at that split second, it “feels”…

Helping Others

Try to find a way to approach your passion without trying to become accomplished. If you are trying to help others, you are likely to be frustrated. The truth is, everyone has millions of thoughts going through their head all the time. How could you possibly have any control of their thoughts?

Totally Frustrated?

Stop immediately and realize what’s going on… the dramatizer is picking up speed as long you are acknowledging its messages. That is the actual food for that particular body of energy. Follow it, and it will inflate. Watch it, and it will deflate.